The Importance Of The House Windows

The house has many parts. Its strong sturdy walls are there to protect us against the winds and other natural element that could be too harsh for us. The roof, floors or the door serves its purpose as it allows us to enter the home that is so important to us. However, what purpose do the windows serve? The windows may seem insignificant when you compare it to the other elements of the house but it is perhaps the thing that makes every inch of the house work as well as it does.

The windows serve as convenient gateway to the outside world without needing to venture out of your four walls. You can even be sitting at the comfort of your sofa but still get to experience the outside by looking through the windows. It is a way you can see what happens outside. It conserves your energy and allows you to know what is going on outside. After all you have no other way to know what happens outside your home. It is not like you can get news on what happens in your neighborhood. Not everything around your home is necessarily newsworthy and something you can see in the news. Another practical application of a window is for ventilation. The window lets the good in and more importantly let old air out. Without a window a house may seem stuffy and suffocating. Sometimes it can also lead to the accumulation of dangerous gasses in situations like carbon monoxide poisoning or other even flammable gasses like methane. Aside from the window serving as an entry and exit point for air, it also works to bring light into the room. Without a window you would rely too heavily on electricity to light up your home. In the long run that can be very expensive for your lighting bill. Having the light come in through the window will also help your health by giving you the much needed Vitamin D with the help of the morning sun.

The window lets the sunshine in, which in turn helps heat go into the house. A window can also ensure the safety of the people in your home. In case there is an accident like a fire, you can potentially get out through the window. You, however, have to be careful because it can also be the place where intruders can enter. So, a homeowner must make sure that these windows are well secured. An important function a window has can also be seen in the beautification of a home. A window breaks down the monotony of a wall. Without a window it would look like the wall does not end. The window also gives a house some character because it can serve as a design element for the house.

These are just some of the reasons that show how important a window can be. Go ahead open your window and in the process be happy that you have it.

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